Ministry of Education, G20 Saudi Secretariat Sign Two Cooperation Agreements

Riyadh, Minister of Education Dr. Hamad bin Mohammed Al Al-Sheikh and Secretary General of the G20 Saudi Secretariat Dr. Fahd Tunisi signed here today two cooperation agreements at the national level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia related to educational and organizational sectors, targeting female and male students from different levels.

The first agreement under the theme G20 Cultural Program focuses on promoting the concepts of global citizenship and national pride through focusing on educational and awareness sides for students. This program is the first of its kind at the level of G20 countries for targeting all educational levels under a unified framework.

According to the first agreement, the ministry will work on activating three sub-programs. The first program is G20 Academy which is an educational program that includes educational materials, activities, competitions, and reality TV show on topics related to the G20. The second program of the agreement is G20 Cultural competition. The program is based on competitions on social media that include a number of courses and exams on the cognitive side of G20. The third and last program is the Week of G20 which is a cultural week on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabias Presidency of G20.

The second agreement aims to enable and highlight the role of Saudi youths toward the society and voluntary work via engaging 1000 female and male volunteers to organize international workshops, activities, and conferences associated with the G20.

The programs will be launched during the Kingdoms Presidency of G20, they will include more than 30,000 schools and universities, 6 million local and foreign participants, and more than 500,000 teachers. The winners of the competitions will be announced in November 2020.

These programs reflect the Kingdoms care of education as ones of the pillars of 21st century needs. They also shed light on Kingdom of Saudi Arabias Presidency of G20.

Source: Saudi Press Agency