Kataeb Media Department issued the following statement: The Kataeb Media Department condemns Hezbollah's electronic campaign to undermine the lives of free journalists and Lebanese who refuse to drag their country into war, saying that it is a reprehensible approach of authoritarianism which rejects opposing opinions and seeks to eliminate their existence. This is not the first time that the Military Court is in harmony with waves of suppression, cancellation, and bloodshed. The Kataeb Media Department addresses all of those: Have you not learned that your campaigns do not silence a Lebanese who puts Lebanon first? It will not deter journalists from conveying the truth, no matter the cost. Is it not enough for journalists to face Israeli attacks, only to get stabbed in the back by people within their own country? The Kataeb Media Department expresses solidarity with journalist "Layal Al Ekhtiar" and everyone facing these unjust and shameful campaigns. Our country will not change, and it will not turn in to a police state, no matter how hard you try. It will remain a stronghold of free speech, despite all those who refuse and oppose it. Source: National news agency - Lebanon


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