Diriyah Company and Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Join Forces for a Healthier, Safer Workforce

Diriyah, Diriyah Company and the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to enhance collaboration in the healthcare sector by facilitating the exchange of important information on education and training programs, according to a press release from the company. The MoU also seeks to raise awareness about occupational health and safety in the workplace. Through this partnership, the two parties aim to deliver positive developments in healthcare system and contribute to the overall well-being and quality of life of the Diriyah community. The MoU, signed by Diriyah Company's Group CEO Jerry Inzerillo and Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Secretary General Prof. Aws Alshamsan, is part of a broader company initiative, in partnership with other organizations, to raise occupational health standards in all projects. It prioritizes fostering a safe and healthy work environment. The collaboration focuses on strengthening various healthcare specialties in Diriyah, including emergency medical services and crisis management. This will be achieved by enhancing the expertise and efficiency of the healthcare workers through joint training and development programs. Moreover, services offered by the Commission for Health Specialties will be leveraged through this coordination, which will facilitate organizing health, safety, and occupational health exhibitions and conferences. To deepen cooperation, a representative from the commission will be appointed to the Constituent Council of the Diriyah Initiative for Occupational Safety and Health Programs. This enables the commission to provide valuable services, including occupational registration and classification, license renewals for healthcare professionals working on Diriyah projects. According to the release, Diriyah Company is "fully committed" to implementing stringent occupational health and safety standards across its development projects, raising community awareness about the issue, and developing its workers' compet encies to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. 'These efforts align with the strategy to transform Diriyah into a renowned tourist and cultural destination,' said the release. The aim is to attract over 50 million visits by 2030, contributing to the broader vision of helping diversify the national economy. Source: Saudi Press Agency


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