Yemeni government condemns attack on two Saudi oil tankers

Aden, The Yemeni government has strongly condemned Houthis' attack on two Saudi oil tankers in the Red Sea.

In a statement carried by the Yemeni news agency, the government said the incident is a terrorist act targeting harming the vital interests of Yemen and the freedom of international navigation.

The statement called on the world community to immediately come up to support the government's military efforts to purge the western coast from the Iran-backed Houthi militia in Yemen and mount pressure on them to withdraw from the city of Al-Hodeida, confirming that the continuation of the militia control on Al-Hodeida and its strategic port would pose the international navigation to terror attacks.

The statement underscored the steps being taken by the legitimate government in cooperation with the Arab Coalition, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to protect the western coast of Yemen and Yemen in general from the danger of the terrorist militias which unequivocally proved to be a real threat, not only on Yemen, but also on the international peace and security.

Source: Saudi Press Agency