Women Agencies at Grand Holy Mosque Ready with Technological, Human Potential to Provide Services to Visitors

Advisor and Assistant President for Women Development Affairs at the Grand Holy Mosque Dr. Al-Anoud Al-Abboud has stressed the readiness of women agencies at the Grand Holy Mosque and affiliate administrations to offer the best services to women at the mosque during the holy month of Ramadan, and the availability of all technological and human potential, both in the administration and on the field, to deliver services, in line with the bright guidance offered by the wise leadership of the country.

Al-Abboud said that women's prayer areas in the Grand Holy Mosque are ready to receive worshippers, and highlighted the quality of services provided to women during the holy month of Ramadan in various administrative field aspects, with the agency having designated several departments and units to provide the best services to the visitors, in several languages, and organize the movement of crowd inside and outside the Grand Holy Mosque, with special care for persons with disabilities and older women, and services that suit the needs of different groups.

She noted that the agency is responsible for the disinfection and sterilization of women's prayer areas and securing a safe and comfortable worship environment, providing Zamzam water in closed packages, or refrigerated and non-refrigerated containers, as well as for measuring women's level of satisfaction with the services, to be considered in further development plans concerning women at the Grand Holy Mosque.


Source: Saudi Press Agency


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