Saudi-led Coalition Supports Efforts of the UN Envoy to Yemen, to Reach Political Solution, Spokesman Col. Al-Malki Announces 2 Riyadh

The spokesman for the coalition forces in support of legitimacy in Yemen, Colonel Turki al-Maliki, said the coalition has sent 12 trucks of relief through King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Works heading to Hodeida, indicating that the number of beneficiaries within Yemen, both in areas controlled by the coup or government control troops are nearly five million.

He also pointed out that the number of ballistic missiles launched during the period from 18 to 25 June are three missiles, two launched last night, confirming the continuation of the alliance and the continuation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the protection of its territory, its citizens and residents on its land.

On the progress achieved by the National Army, supported by the coalition in the axis of Saada, the coalition spokesman said that within 48 hours, 41 terrorist elements were targeted by a heavy fire and destruction of their vehicles and equipment, including 8 members of the Lebanese terrorist Hezbollah (a commander and 7 terrorist elements).

In Al-Bayda, the legitimate forces carried out a process through which they managed to control the fullness of the mountain in the back, resulting in the killing of a number of enemy personnel and the killing of Ahmed al-Juweidi, he stated.

The legitimate forces in the Al-Bayda axis carried out attacks on the enemy positions, in the western coast axis controlled by the Yemeni National Army and the popular resistance on the areas in Kilo 16 cut off the Sanaa line, and the airport was cleared from the west and east and a small part of the north of the airport remains, where the enemy is located and the forces of the Yemeni National Army and the Popular Resistance, purging and destructing the Houthi reinforcements.

At Taiz "Front Palace", the legitimacy forces faced movements of the enemy, resulting in the killing of 5 elements Houthi.

He pointed out that the Houthi militia is still planting landmines in the areas that they retreat from.

More than 600,000 landmines have been cleared inside Yemeni territory, he said, adding that a project for landmining clearance in Yemen has been launched for $ 40 million.

The coalition spokesman exposed the amount of landmines that the engineering teams supported by the coalition forces removed from the liberated areas.

He also mentioned the number of ballistic and salvage rockets fired at the Kingdom until 25 June 2018.

The number of missiles was 155 and that of projectiles stands at 66,321, referring to a number of military operations carried out by coalition forces against Houthi militia targets.

Source: Saudi Press Agency