Caretaker Minister of Trade and Economy, Amin Salam, participated in the preparatory meeting for the 13th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization. Salam expressed the importance of strengthening trade and economic cooperation between Arab countries in the face of current regional and global challenges. Salam reviewed "the efforts made to integrate Arab countries into the global economy and the necessity of joint action to strengthen their trade positions and protect their interests in international negotiations." In a related context, Salam touched on the crisis in Lebanon, expressing his hope that the ongoing reforms would contribute to restoring economic stability and enhancing international confidence in Lebanese trade policies. Salam also called for "supporting Lebanon in its efforts to join the World Trade Organization." He reaffirmed "the hope that the meeting will be a starting point for strengthening joint Arab action and contributing to achieving the aspirations of the Arab people s towards advancement and progress." Source: National News Agency - Lebanon


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