Minister of Women: We demand that international fact-finding committees be sent to the Gaza Strip

Ramallah Together - As part of a series of meetings held by the Ministry of Women's Affairs in order to convey the suffering of Palestinian women to the world, Minister Mona Al-Khalili and Undersecretary Daoud Al-Deek met with the Ambassador of the Republic of Nicaragua, Roberto Manuel Hernandez, at the Ministry's headquarters in Ramallah, and presented him with a picture of the current situation. In the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, and the West Bank, and the reality of the suffering to which our people have been exposed since last October, and the urgent need for urgent international intervention in order to stop the war of genocide and provide urgent relief aid. Al-Khalili focused on the suffering of women and children in the Gaza Strip in light of forced displacement, lack of security, and the lack of the self-evident needs for a decent human life, as well as the ugliness that women are exposed to in detention centers, including nudity, harassment, profanity, and insults, in addition to the daily suffering and dismemberment of the West Bank, which affects the conduct of daily life. In education, health, the economy, and movement in general, and in this context, an invitation was sent to a feminist parliamentary delegation from the Republic of Nicaragua to visit Palestine to see first-hand this suffering. She also briefed the ambassador on the real and important role of the Ministry of Women's Affairs in formulating policies and highlighting the gaps that hinder women's rights, reviewing, at the same time, the achievements that have been achieved at the legal, economic, social and political levels in cooperation with government institutions and civil society institutions. In turn, Ambassador Roberto Hernandez expressed his deep thanks for providing a detailed picture of the reality of the situation in Palestine, stressing the support of the Republic of Nicaragua for the right of the Palestinian people to communicate their story to the world, while calling for holding media meetings and broadcasting awareness video s in the media in Nicaragua, noting the attempts Israel aims to distort the image of the Palestinian people in Latin America and delegitimize their struggle for freedom. For his part, His Excellency Undersecretary Daoud Al-Deek discussed the role of the Ministry of Women's Affairs in directly influencing government policies to make them sensitive to issues of equality and justice, stressing the main goals of the Palestinian government, including the Ministry of Women's Affairs, which are the completion of the national project, liberation from occupation, and the social liberation of women. He concluded his speech by saying that the Ministry welcomes hosting a feminist delegation from the Republic of Nicaragua to learn about the harsh conditions that the Palestinian people, especially women and girls, suffer from as a result of the occupation's practices, and to learn at the same time about the achievements that Palestinian women have been able to achieve despite this. Source: Maan News Agency


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