Masum Pledges To Tribal Delegation From Basra To Implement The Demands Of The Province

BAGHDAD, President of the Republic Fuad Masum stressed the need to address and handle the shortage of services in the province of Basra, the southernmost of Iraq, represented by electricity, drinking water and health with job creation for the unemployed.

A statement issued by the presidency said that "Masum received yesterday a delegation of heads of tribes and dignitaries of Basra province headed by Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Maliki and discussed with them the developments of the crisis in the province of Basra that took place recently and ways to address all problems to ensure the protection of the rights and interests of citizens and enhance security and stability and normal life in the province and the whole country to stop the escalation of the current crisis and exacerbate its consequences.

He stressed the need to develop urgent and sustainable solutions to the basic problems facing the province stressing the importance of giving the province of Basra and its residents all the attention and care to overcome the current difficulties and accelerate their economic development in all fields as well as solving the problems of electricity, drinking water, health and social services, which the people of the province and neighboring areas suffer from. "

He stressed the "priority to address the phenomenon of unemployment suffered by young people and poor population through increasing rates of permanent and temporary employment, while giving preference to the people of the province to work with oil companies and navigational and seeking to replace Iraqi workers instead of foreigners in all possible areas within the current and future plans."

He pointed to the need for a permanent durable solution to the housing problems and end the suffering of the inhabitants of shantytowns and mud from the displaced and affected families, as well as address the phenomenon of worsening salt tide in the province and address the debts of Basra accumulated.

Masum stressed his readiness to exert every effort to support the interests of the people of Basra, especially in the economic, functional and environmental fields. He added that "it is of utmost importance to strengthen civil peace and strengthen the bonds of society by strengthening the internal front and community cohesion that strengthens the law and strengthens the authority of the state and the law.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency