Jordanian date companies showcase premium varieties at Souq Waqif International Dates Exhibition

Doha: Several Jordanian companies specializing in date production and marketing are participating in the 2nd Souq Waqif International Dates Exhibition, which commenced Sunday evening in the Qatari capital, Doha. These companies are presenting a diverse range of Jordanian dates alongside products from 64 companies representing three Arab countries, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Algeria. The exhibition, which has garnered significant visitor and industry interest, will continue until the fifth of next month. Visitors attending the exhibition highlighted that Jordanian dates, particularly the Medjool variety, have established a reputation for being among the finest dates available in the Qatari market. They explained that Jordanian dates are renowned for their exceptional quality, distinctive taste, and reasonable prices, appealing to a broad range of consumers, whether Qatari nationals or residents. This demand further intensifies during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan, when there is a signifi cant surge in the consumption of Medjool dates due to high demand. Representatives and owners of participating companies also emphasized the superior quality and excellence of Jordanian dates. Muhammad Numan, who manages a date production and marketing company, affirmed the substantial presence of Jordanian dates at the exhibition, noting that their popularity has made them an essential component of such events. Numan added that Jordanian dates at the exhibition have experienced significant demand and remarkable sales, emphasizing the intense interest in these dates. He further noted the extraordinary turnout at the expo, particularly from tourists visiting Qatar, as they possess extensive knowledge of date culture, having frequented various tourist destinations in the Gulf region. Date merchant Radwan Hatem, a participant in the event, highlighted the enthusiasm of many traders and importing companies operating in the Qatari market to procure substantial quantities of Jordanian dates to meet local deman d and consumption. He emphasized that specialized date exhibitions in Doha are incomplete without the presence of distinguished Jordanian dates. While various date varieties are displayed at the Waqif Dates Market, such as the Qatari Khalas and the Sagai and Sukkari varieties imported from Saudi Arabia, the Medjool variety stands out as the most prestigious and popular among pioneers and visitors to the exhibition, according to date trader Aziz Al-Kubaisi from Qassim, Saudi Arabia. Al-Kubaisi, who participates in date exhibitions across the Arab Gulf countries, attested to the immense appeal and high demand for Jordanian dates, particularly the Medjool variety. He emphasized that the exceptional quality of these dates contributes to their widespread popularity among consumers in the region. Faisal Sultan, a date merchant in Qatar, stressed the significance of dates as a healthy and balanced food choice for the body, especially following the global spread of date culture during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rece nt findings have confirmed that dates serve as a healthy alternative to sugar, making Europe one of the largest importers of dates worldwide. Sultan further emphasized that opening the Qatari market to various types of dates from leading producing countries has fostered an economic culture that supports the production of healthy food options. Source: Jordan News Agency


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