Jordan: Closing Northern Borders Aims to Protect National Security

Amman, Jordan's Minister of State for Media Affairs Jumana Ghneimat said Jordan has taken the decision to close its northern borders to protect its security, and to avoid any perils that may threaten its interests.

"The United Nations' demand for Jordan to provide shelter for displaced Syrians clashes with these interests," Ghneimat, who is also government spokesperson, added in a press statement on Thursday.

The minister stressed the necessity the international community and the United Nations assume their responsibilities and play a role to deliver aid relief to refugees. Ghneimat called on the international community and the United Nations to press for a political solution to end the crisis in the southern Syrian areas, and to alleviate suffering of the Syrian people.

"The most important and crucial part of efforts should aim to end the violence and killing," she pointed out.

She said Jordan is pushing ahead with its humanitarian duty towards the Syrian brethren, and making efforts to deliver aid relief to regions inside Syria.

Source: Saudi Press Agency