The Israeli occupation forces have admitted that another two soldiers were killed during confrontations with Palestinian Resistance fighters in the northern Gaza Strip. The two soldiers are a staff sergeant from the Nahal Brigade's 932nd Battalion, and a Sergeant First Class from the 7th Armored Brigade's 82nd Battalion. This comes shortly after the Israeli armyannounced the death of a commander of the Gaza Division's Southern Brigade, who was reportedly killed during confrontations on October 7, adding that his body is still held in Gaza. The Southern Brigade commander's death follows that of two colonels from the Israeli occupation forces who were killed during confrontations. More than 390 Israeli occupation soldiers and officers have been killed since October 7, marking the largest death toll that the occupation has admitted to since its 2006 war on Lebanon. The occupation forces also announced that a member of the elite Nahal Brigade was critically wounded during confrontations in the northern Gaza Strip, which were renewed on Friday morning. Israeli media outlets also reported on Friday that four IOF soldiers were injured during confrontations in the northern Gaza Strip. According to the Times of Israel, 396 soldiers have been killed since October 7, around 70 of whom were killed in the Gaza Strip following "Israel's" ground invasion in late October. It is worth noting that the numbers given by Hezbollah and the Qassam Brigades surpass the "officially" declared count of Israeli soldiers killed in the operations, as "Israel" has a long-established policy of not declaring its actual losses. "Israel" has reported six soldiers and one settler killed on the Lebanese border, while Hezbollah affirmed on November 1 that at least 120 IOF soldiers were killed or wounded in action North of occupied Palestine since October 7. Hamas repeatedly challenges "Israel" to disclose the actual number of its casualties. In this round of confrontations, the Resistance has seen relative success with its homegrown explosiv e devices and EFPs, which have been deployed in higher frequency, since the renewal of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. Interestingly, Shawaz EFPs have seen renowned success all over the region, in Lebanon and Iraq specifically, when deployed against both Israeli and Western top-of-the-line armored vehicles. Source: National News Agency - Lebanon


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