HRH Premier chairs Cabinet session

His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa chaired the regular weekly Cabinet session at the Gudaibiya Palace today.

HRH Premier gave directives to the Ministerial Committee for Legal Affairs to study the proposals and remarks submitted to him by the Board of Directors of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) on business topics and ways to boost commercial activities.

The move is in line with the government's interest in economic and business matters, and its support for the private sector through creating good conditions for improving its work environment, a post-session statement by the Cabinet Secretary-General, Dr. Yasser bin Isa Al-Nasser, said.

Road networks, infrastructure projects reviewed

HRH Premier followed up on the efforts being exerted to develop road networks and infrastructure across the Kingdom's regions.

These include the completion of the north Muharraq Ring Road and the Raya Avenue revamp and expansion projects, as part of efforts to link the Muharraq Governorates' villages with a modern road network commensurate with the urban growth there.

Al-Qassim terror act condemned

The Cabinet condemned the terrorist act that had targeted a security checkpoint in Al-Qassim region, Saudi Arabia.

The session reiterated Bahrain's full-fledged support for sisterly Saudi Arabia and solidarity with it in its war against terror in order to eliminate it and its sources.

It also emphasised the Kingdom's backing of all measures to be taken by Saudi Arabia to preserve its security and stability, as well as those of the region, lauding Saudi Arabia's efforts to fight terrorism and strengthen the pillars of security and stability regionally and globally.

Registration agents' sector to be regulated

The session discussed the development of a regulatory framework for the industrial property and commercial trademark registration agents.

The Cabinet approved a draft-edict to be issued by the Industry, Commerce and Tourism Minister on regulating the registration of those agents, as recommended by the Ministerial Committee for Legal Affairs, and outlined in the memorandum presented by the Deputy Premier and committee chairman.

Voluntary organisation's registration endorsed

The session endorsed the registration of the Arab Federation for Voluntary Activities (AFVA) in Bahrain as an international non-governmental organisation headquartered in the kingdom, and reporting to the Ministry of Labour and Social Development.

AFVA aims to contribute to developing voluntary work through rehabilitating and training Arab individuals to be involved in pioneering voluntary projects.

MoU on Bahrain-Morocco municipal cooperation approved

The session approved a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Capital Municipal Council and its Moroccan Rabat counterpart.

Under the MoU, the Capital Municipality will take advantage of Morocco's municipal work and urban development experience, and the two sides will strengthen the exchange of administrative expertise between them.

The minister in charge was mandated to sign the MoU on behalf of the Manama Municipal Council.

New land transportation activity added

The session referred to the Ministerial Committee a draft-edict included in a memorandum presented by the Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications on amending the list of licensed public transportation activities.

Under the draft-edict, the hiring of a limousine luxury car with a driver was added to licensed land transportation activities.

NQF-SCQF Referencing Report referred to ministerial committee

The session referred to the Ministerial Committee for Legal Affairs a memorandum submitted by the Transportation and Telecommunications Minister and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA) regarding the Referencing Report of the National Qualifications Framework of Bahrain (NQF) and the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

Executive-Legislature cooperation lauded

HRH the Prime Minister, while reviewing topics related to the Legislative Branch, praised the great efforts exerted by the Ministerial Committee for Legal Affairs' Chairman, Deputy Premier, Jawad bin Salim Al-Arayad, and members, and hailed the role played by the Minister of Parliament Affairs in representing the government at the meetings of Representatives and Shura councils.

HRH Premier also lauded the existing Executive-Legislature cooperation.

Two draft-laws referred to Representatives Council

The session referred two draft-laws to the Council of Representatives, along with two memoranda on the government's opinions on them.

They include a bill proposed by the Shura Council on encouraging and protecting investments, and another submitted by the Representatives Council on amending the Traffic Law.

The Cabinet was also notified about a number of draft-laws that had been approved by the Representatives and Shura councils.

Source: Bahrain News Agency