Foreign Minister stresses importance Sino-Arab efforts to combat extremism, terrorism, hatred

Beijing, Minister of Foreign Affairs Adel Bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir chaired the second session of the eighth session of the ministerial meeting of China-Arab States Cooperation Forum held in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

In the speech of the Arab side, he said that the Palestinian issue is the first Arab and Muslim issue that we have not stopped and will not stop supporting.

Al-Jubeir referred to the "Jerusalem summit" held in Dhahran this year and adopted resolutions concerning the regional crises experienced by some Arab countries in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and the Comoros.

He said, "The Arab countries look forward to China's role in supporting political solutions to these crises through the Security Council and taking into account the decisions of the Arab summit..."

He added, "The Arab countries reaffirm their support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China and its adherence to the one-China principle..."

The minister stressed the importance of Sino-Arab efforts to combat extremism, terrorism and the phenomenon of hatred that has begun to escalate around the world.

Source: Saudi Press Agency