Caches for Daesh and improvised explosive devices found in Anbar

Baghdad, Security forces found additives for dashes and explosive devices in Anbar.

A statement by the Anbar Operations Command said that the forces of the Anbar Operations Command carried out a security duty to inspect the vast desert areas west of Al-Razazah lake, which included the Valley of Al-Qadhef, Al-Rahaliya and Asaliyah areas, to search for the dens of Daesh elements who infiltrate into these areas and know roads and routes that these criminal elements follow in attempts to sneak into the city centers, and found several old dens and abandoned tunnels that were completely destroyed. "

It added that "other forces carried out the duty to lift and detonate IEDs planted by Daesh terrorist gangs in the area between the intersection of Al-Salam and train station of Al-Falahat, which was planted with thousands of containers as a strategic area represents the first line of the terrorist organization to defend its headquarters and dens in the district of Fallujah and Saqlawiyah area and resulted in the lifting and detonation of (63) explosive device. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency