President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, on Tuesday asserted that “Lebanon will be able to overcome the difficult circumstances which it currently lives”, pointing to the importance of Lebanese maintaining strong morale to confront the successive crises which they suffer from. The President stated that every effort should be exerted to achieve the desired social goals and restore the confidence of the international community, in Lebanon.

Stances of President Aoun came while receiving a delegation of retired officers from the “Military Charter Group”.

Retired Colonel, Michel Karam, spoke on behalf of the delegation, and affirmed support for President Aoun’s positions especially his recent position on the issue of forensic audit, “Which has become the only tunnel to enter the process of discovering embezzlement of public funds, and the waste of the nation’s wealth in the seizure of its properties, in suspicious deals and brokerage, and by circumventing texts with financial engineering which led the country to economic, financial and moral collapses”.

“Forensic audit is what returns the looted and stolen money, and returns public property to the state to rationalize its investment. Forensic audit is what recovers rights, all rights, including the rights of all employees, especially the military rights, which were taken from them by the last three budgets. Forensic audit must also release the clean money of depositors and return them to their owners. This scrutiny excludes the corrupt from the Parliamentary seats so that the sovereign take over these seats, and determines who is fit to occupy the advanced ranks in the state, including ministers so that the corrupt are not the only ones in choosing ministers which resemble them” Colonel Karam said.
“This all ends by holding the corrupt and thieves accountable, and pushing them behind prison bars so that they obtain their penalty. Thus, officials devote themselves to dealing with the economic, social, financial and monetary conditions, so that the nation relaxes in negotiations to demarcate the maritime borders with the Israeli enemy, and gas and oil extraction begins in parallel with land border demarcation negotiations, thus restoring immunity and pride in the homeland of the cedars. That is what ensures the return of the citizen to the homeland. That is what restores the confidence of regional and international countries in Lebanon, which was one of the most important contributors in laying the foundations and laws of the UN and participated in the founding of the Arab League. What the Parliament approved by an overwhelming majority in its session on November 27, 2020, is approval of your Excellency’s message, which requires the issuance of exceptional mechanisms to put criminal financial audit into immediate implementation, and to fortify it with various legal, administrative and financial provisions, controls, and restrictions” Colonel Karam added.
“Achieving forensic audit will be the highest and most successful national achievement since the declaration of the state of Greater Lebanon, and it will form a solid basis for the restoration of the homeland for centuries to come. We will continue to struggle with you, Mr. President, to achieve this audit and we repeat that we are at your disposal. We ask God to provide you with health and wellness, and to guide your steps”.

President Aoun’s Reply:
For his part, President Aoun welcomed the delegation and noted that the problems faced by the retired military, reflects the accumulated crises and disasters which Lebanon suffers, especially the economic crisis that has intensified as a result of the Syrian war and its repercussions, especially in terms of the large number of displaced Syrians that Lebanon received, forming a great financial burden on the country and its infrastructure.
The President also emphasized that “The current financial crisis is an inherited crisis as a result of the huge accumulated public debt and the payments’ balance deficit, in addition to, of course, the repercussions of the Corona pandemic and the damages and losses resulting from the Beirut Port explosion”.
In addition, President Aoun stressed that “Despite all these misfortunes and problems, we as a country were able to maintain security stability and this came as a result of the Lebanese understanding of the current reality. Lebanon will be able to overcome the difficult conditions which it is currently experiencing”.
Then, the President addressed the issue of Lebanon’s attempt to explore for oil and gas, and its submission to international pressure within the framework of the so-called “Geopolitics”, to prevent it from investing its national resources under the pretext that what was found in Block No.4 was not commercially sufficient. The President referred to the indirect negotiations which Lebanon is currently undertaking to demarcate its southern maritime borders, pointing out that “Pressure will be exerted on Lebanon in this regard, but we are committed to our rights and we know them well”.
Moreover, President Aoun stressed the completion of the approval of forensic audit in the Parliament, and its importance in restoring the confidence of the international community in Lebanon, especially through its role in fighting corruption and shedding light on the sources of the waste of public money and achieving reform, noting the anxiety that the Lebanon people live and suffer from as a result of the successive crises. President Aoun then pointed to the importance of preserving the strong morale of the citizens to help overcome these ordeals, asserting the will to exert every effort to achieve the desired goals.
Finally, the President referred to the importance of the Paris II Conference, which will be held tomorrow afternoon, at the invitation of the French President and with the participation of UN Secretary-General, about 35 Presidents, Premiers, representatives of international community bodies, and donor countries.

Congratulation Telegram from Saudi Arabia:
On the occasion of the 77th Lebanese independence anniversary, President Aoun received a cable of congratulation from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz, which stated:
“On the occasion of the independence anniversary of the brotherly Republic of Lebanon, it is our pleasure to send your Excellency the best congratulations and sincere wishes, wishing the brotherly Lebanese people more progress and prosperity”.
Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, also sent a congratulation cable.


Source: National News Agency

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