Ambassador of Japan from Tripoli touts furniture industry

Tripoli's Mina Municipality Head Abdul Kader Alameddine, welcomed on Wednesday Ministry of Industry General Director, Danny Gedeon, accompanied by Japanese Ambassador to Lebanon, H.E. Matahiro Yamaguchi, and UNIDO Regional Representative, Cristiano Bassini.

For his part, the Japanese Ambassador expressed utmost admiration of the city's geographical location. He also pointed out that his government recognized the importance of supporting the furniture sector "thanks to its positive economic impact on the industrial sector."

The Japanese diplomat also gave a briefing on his country's support to Lebanon such as rehabilitating schools, in addition to other contributions. He stressed the importance of continuous cooperation with Tripoli's community.

In turn, Gedeon affirmed the ministry's keenness on supporting local industries and shaky institutions.

"The ministry is concerned with all the industries in different Lebanese regions and understands the advantages of the port of Tripoli in this field," he said.

Source: National News Agency