A cache of explosive devices found in Fallujah

BAGHDAD, The Security forces found a cache of improvised explosive devices in Falluja.

The Spokesman of the Security Information Center Brigadier Yahya Rasool said that "the detachments of the Directorate of Military Intelligence in the Command of Operations east of Anbar and after accurate intelligence, were able to access the cache of explosive devices in the district of Fallujah, in Anbar province."

He added that the cache contains 53 explosive devices in the form of a plate and 36 bombs of different size and 10 explosive devices in the form of a gas cylinder and six missiles called the" Hell "and one bomb in the form of oxygen cylinder, which are remnants of Daesh terrorist gangs, and were detonated by the detachments of the Command Engineering at the Destruction Site. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency