A Bomb Of A 500-Pound Found At An Old Military Site In Kut

Wasit, The detachments of the Civil Defense Directorate in Wasit found a bomb of a 500-pound in one of the former military sites in the city of Kut.

The director of civil defense, Brigadier Samir Razak Nasser told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): "The detachments of unexploded ordnance and after receiving news from the central control about a suspicious object at old military site in Kut, the site was detected by modern and precise equipment found its location "

He added: "a bomb type / Sneak A / 500-pound was found inside the dust cover of an old fortified and during the excavations at that site the bomb appeared and transferred, indicating that the detachment was able to secure the bomb and raised it outside the site because it can not be destroyed as it near residential areas. "

In a related development, the Director of Civil Defense said that the teams of the detection of war remnants also conducted a technical survey on the transit corridor at Zerbatiyah border crossing and declared that the site was free from any contamination of the war debris.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency