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Al-Sadr Accuses Political Parties Of Working To Exploit Infiltrators In Peaceful Demonstrations To Obtain Political And Partisan Gains

Najaf The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, accused some political parties that they are working to exploit infiltrators in peaceful demonstrations to obtain political and partisan spoils and work to destabilize civil peace.

This came during the bi-monthly press conference held by the director of his media office, Haider Al-Jabri, and his official spokesman, Salah Al-Obeidi.

In an official statement, Al-Jabri conveyed Al-Sadr’s instructions on the regional, local, political and security situations.

On the military escalation in Yemen and the war between Saudi Arabia and the Houthis in particular, Al-Sadr called for intervention to end this war, which is causing the entire region to suffer tension and bloody conflicts.

Al-Sadr called on the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Countries to work to end the war, especially as we approach the holy month of Ramadan.

Regarding the Iraqi issue, Al-Sadr called on the specialized committees formed by him to return the property and homes of the Christian community, to continue their project, as well as the homes of minorities in Iraq, and he also called to activate the work of these committees more broadly to lift the grievances of these minorities.

Regarding the political situation, Al-Sadr accused some political parties of working to exploit the infiltrators in peaceful protests in order to escalate security and politics to exploit for electoral spoils and political purposes that may destabilize civil peace and exacerbate attacks on the security forces without a legitimate and legal argument.

“The government must carry out its duties to maintain the security and prestige of the state,” Sadr said.

In his directives, Al-Sadr called on everyone to activate the reform dialogue between all parties, including the protesting youth generation, and under the supervision of the United Nations. Added that everyone who has a Baathist or terrorist affiliation is excluded from this, stressing that dialogue and as a last attempt is necessary so that corruption does not continue in the departments of the state or between classes of the people and to end the increasing violence in our beloved Iraq.

For his part, Al-Sadr’s spokesperson, Salah Al-Obeidi, responded about Al-Sadr’s accusations to some political parties to escalate the situation, that protests to change the governors may be one of the multiple cards, as happened in Dhi Qar, of escalation and use of violence and weapons against the security forces.

Al-Obeidi said, “We believe that there are hands stretching their fingers between the two parties, as they are trying to urge the demonstrators to violence on the one hand, and on the other hand the response by the security forces is not thoughtful and unacceptable, which generates an explosion, so Sayyid Al-Sadr stresses this point regardless of the place where the action takes place, regardless of the rest of the parts.

Al-Obeidi stressed that the solution is with dialogue, and not to place the peg of corruption and theft on the security forces or the security man in the street, in particular.

He said: “If these protests continue to target the non-corrupt and hold him accountable, then we have entered the wrong path that is devastating the country.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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