Maronite Bishops call politicians to facilitate government formation

The Maronite Bishops called Lebanon's politicians on Wednesday to facilitate the formation of the new government, warning of the reverberations delaying this process can produce on the already ailing economic situation.

"The Bishops are surprised by the delay in the government formation, Therefore, they exhort all politicians to shoulder their responsibilities and facilitate the formation of a government that assumes its pressing duties towards the public and citizen interest," the Bishops said in a statement issued following their periodic meeting under the chairmanship of Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Beshara Rahi, at his summer residence in Dimane.

"The ailing economic situation must not be ignored," they warned.

Moreover, the Bishops saluted the Lebanese military and security forces, upon their foundation's anniversary, renewing their "holding onto the legitimate forces."

Furthermore, the Bishops urged the concerned sides and officials to work on curbing the growing crisis inside the educational institutions, as the new school year has kicked off.

Source: National News Agency