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KSA affirms its continuing support for advancing humanitarian contributions 2 New York

Ambassador Al-Mouallimi pointed to the Kingdom's initiative to launch a comprehensive humanitarian operation in Yemen for those affected by Cyclone Macono by assisting Socotra Governorate through sending four aircraft loaded with 127 tons of relief and therapeutic materials, 500 tents, 300 blankets and 1,000 carpets, and King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center has ensured to treat wounded Yemenis who were transferred to Jeddah by Arab Coalition Forces .

Ambassador Al-Mouallimi added, "In the past five months, the Kingdom through King Salman Center has also provided $ 1.7 billion to finance more than 419 projects for 37 beneficiary countries, stressing that the Kingdom is considered a key partner in international development and this assistance represents a major aspect of the Kingdom's foreign policy.

Source: Saudi Press Agency