The Popular Mobilization Forces Confirm Border With Syria Fully Secured

Baghdad, "The Iraqi-Syrian border is secured by the popular mobilization and the security forces," said the representative of the Central Operations Directorate of the popular Mobilization, Abdul Mohammed al-Khikani.

"The Iraqi-Syrian border is secure by the popular mobilization and the security forces, and they are ready to repel any Daesh attempt to infiltrate," the Website of the Popular Mobilization quoted al-Khikani as saying, added "There is no need to worry so far."

"The popular mobilization forces have provided various support to the Iraqi army and the border guards," he said. "The popular mobilization forces took all measures immediately after the fall of the sites of the Syrian democratic forces by Daesh days before," he said.

The heads of the brigades and directors of directorates of the popular mobilization, held on Monday, a meeting to prepare security plans to face any emergency on the border with Syria.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency