President Aoun follows up on government formation, cables Indonesian counterpart

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, will address the Lebanese in an open and direct media dialogue via television and radio stations, marking two years on his election as President. The address is set to start at 8:30 pm on Wednesday, and will mainly dwell on the past two years in office and the aspirations for the four years to come.

This Tuesday, President Aoun followed up on the ongoing contacts to form a new government, in light of the positions issued by the parties concerned and the data collected on the formation course.

On another note, the President held a series of meetings which he initiated by receiving UN Under-Secretary General, Dr. Mohammad Ali Al-Hakim, who visited the Baabda Palace to bid farewell to Aoun upon his appointment as Foreign Minister in the new Iraqi government. Al-Hakim was accompanied by Iraqi Ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Abbas Bandar Al Ameri.

President Aoun congratulated Al-Hakim on his new tasks, wishing him success and stressing "cooperative relations that bring together Lebanon and Iraq in all fields."

Al-Hakim, in turn, thanked President Aoun for the cooperation he sensed during his tenure at ESCWA, and wished Lebanon "progress, prosperity and success."

The Head of State then welcomed a delegation of the Lebanese Health Energy Association (LHE), headed by Dr. Asma Saliba, accompanied by participants in the "Lebanese Energy for Health" conference which will be held under the patronage of the President of the Republic on Saturday, at the Lebanese University premises in Hadat under the title "Challenges of the Lebanese health system; a path to enhance opportunities."

President Aoun praised the efforts exerted by the association and wished success to the conference, hoping it would bring about "decisions and recommendations that serve the interest of the Lebanese health system and enable it to face the challenges."

Separately, President Aoun cabled condolences to his Indonesian counterpart, Goku Widodo, on the victims who fell in the Indonesian plane crash, expressing "Lebanese sympathy with the families of the victims."

Source: National News Agency