Saudi Labor Courts Conduct 330,000 Hearing Sessions, Issued 110,000 Rulings in Two Years

Riyadh, The Ministry of Justice revealed today that labor courts across the Kingdom have conducted more than 330,000 hearing sessions and issued more than 110,000 rulings in the past two years.

The ministry said, in a press release, that more than 30% of the cases last year were resolved and closed in their first hearing sessions, 40% of them took two hearing sessions to resolve and the remaining cases were resolved in three sessions each.

“The amicable settlement period for labor disputes is 21 days,” explained the ministry. “If no settlement was reached in that period, the beneficiary can upload the case electronically through Najiz portal.” The ministry enabled the filing of all types of labor cases on, whether those cases were under labor law or concerning domestic workers.

Source: Saudi Press Agency


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