Next week… Iraq will host the 50th session of the Arab Labor Conference in Baghdad

Baghdad, Iraq will host next Saturday, the 50th session of the Arab Labor Organization conference in the capital, Baghdad, in the presence of the Director-General of the International Labor Organization, the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Arab Ministers, heads of delegations, including agents, managers, representatives of employers and workers, and all diplomatic figures, The conference includes the three social partners of governments, employers and workers, and the points that will be discussed by the three events will be presented and the decisions taken by the organization will be implemented. Labor and Social Affairs announced the completion of all logistical aspects and requirements for holding the Arab Labor Conference in the capital, Baghdad, in its 50th session, in addition to coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister's Office, as they are among the supporting departments in this work. Source: National Iraqi News Agency


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