Bapco Refining: Floating roof of damaged tank successfully lowered, tank gradually emptied safely into another tank

Manama, Bapco Refining released the following statement regarding updates on the oil tank leak situation: "Bapco Refining would like to report that the damaged floating roof of one of the oil tanks in the Sitra Tank Farm has been lowered successfully and safely to its location at the bottom of the Tank today, Tuesday 23 April 2024, as this is the most important step in the process of repairing the defect that occurred. The remaining Naphtha product in the Tank has been significantly reduced as the Tank is being safely and gradually emptied to another Tank. The joint Emergency teams, with exceptional support from the Ministry of Interior, Civil Defense, and the Supreme Council for Environment, has taken all necessary safety and security measures in this regard. A number of specialists have also been appointed to carry out the tasks of stabilizing the damaged floating roof of the Tank, and ensuring its safe stability at the bottom of the Tank. In this regard, Bapco Refining reiterates that safety of the comm unity is always a top priority." Source: Bahrain News Agency


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