A Turkish expert confirms that the “Development Path” is a lifeline for the logistics sector

Istanbul, The Head of the International Association of Turkish Transport and Logistics Services Producers, Bilge Han Engin, confirmed that the 'Development Path' project is a lifeline for the logistics sector in view of the multiple crises that the world is going through. Engin said in a press statement today: The project affects a wide area, starting from Europe all the way to the Arab Gulf countries. It results in joint benefits. He added: 'The Development Path' is a promising transportation project that extends over a land and railway road from Iraq to Turkey and its ports, and aims to transport goods between Europe and the Arab Gulf countries. The project is an important opportunity to meet history, culture, and common gains in addition to the economy. He pointed out that the project will link Turkey to the large port of Al-Faw in the Arab Gulf, and the project can be defined as the new Silk Road. He stressed that the recent events and disturbances that occurred around the world directly affected the situation of the logistics sector. He said: 'The Corona pandemic, the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip, the closure of the Suez Canal, and the hot developments in the Middle East have prompted workers in this sector to search for alternatives and find solutions.' He added: "Given the crises that the world is experiencing, the Development Path Project can be described as a lifeline for the logistics sector, stressing that the project will be the beginning of an important step towards ensuring regional development and strengthening trade, social and cultural relations. Source: National Iraqi News Agency


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