Yemeni Government Surprised that Arab Coalition Blamed for Terrorist Incidents in Hodeidah

Aden, Yemeni Government is astonished to hear accusations blaming the Arab Coalition of being involved in the two terrorist incidents that targeted Al-Thawrah Hospital and Fish market in the city of Hodiedah on Thursday, August 2, which resulted in killing several people and wounding scores, though the Coalition announced that it didn't carry out any air strikes in Hodeidah that day. Moreover, it provided the International Security Council with technical evidences showing that the bombings which hit Al-Thawrah Hospital and Fish market were a result of mortar's projectiles fired from nearby sites controlled by Houthi militias.

The Yemeni Foreign Ministry said in a statement the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) received a copy of it that "The Yemeni Government considers such accusations, most recent issued by the European Union's statement, come to confirm that there are many people pay little attention to objective facts and driven by their own tendencies to everything may acquit the Houthi militia that carried out attacks against maritime navigation lanes south-east the Red Sea and Bab Al-Mandeb Strait. To keep silence over these crimes and breach of the International Law is sending wrong messages to the putschist militia, a matter the Yemeni Government has repeatedly warned that it will give rise to prolonging the war because of ignoring the truths on the ground and looking over the rebels violations of War Law, and International and Humanitarian Laws".

The statement noted that the Government affirmed that the correct and only single approach to put an end to the war triggered by Iran-backed Houthi putschist militia is to abide by the International Security Council's resolutions, specifically 2216 of 2015, which asserted the importance of the terms of reference to get the Yemeni crisis resolved on the basis of the GCC's Initiative, its operational mechanism, and National Dialogue's outcomes. International Community should undertake its main duties in maintaining international peace and security, denounce Iran's destabilizing actions in the region through its Houthi agents in Yemen.

The statement added "The Yemeni Government has frequently stated that it is fully committed to protect the civilians, save them any harm all over Yemeni regions without any exception, and it is very keen to comply with the rules and laws of war, Geneva 4 agreements and everything in relevance", at the meantime it holds the rebellious militia fully accountable for all violations of the International and Humanitarian Laws and all crimes that can't be dropped with the passage of time".

Source: Saudi Press Agency