Yemeni Government Calls On UN Security Council to Take Actions On Situation in Hodeidah

New York, Yemeni government called on the UN Security Council to exert more political pressure on the Iranian-backed Houthi militias.

"Peace will not be achieved only by expressing support for the efforts of the UN envoy to start the dialogue, but with more political pressure on the Houthi militias," said Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, Yemen's permanent representative to the UN, who read Yemen's statement before the Security Council at the open meeting on Yemen.

The Yemeni government stressed that the continued access of these militias to strategic areas in Yemen, from which attacks on international shipping lines are being launched, requires a firm stand by the Security Council.

"The recent attack on the Saudi National Shipping Company's two tankers and the planting of hundreds of naval mines targeting Yemeni ships and fishermen and harming the marine environment is just one example, Bin Mubarak added.

Source: Saudi Press Agency