Yemeni government calls on coup militia to respond to efforts of UN envoy, withdraw from Hodeidah peacefully

Aden, The Yemeni government has called on the Iranian-backed Houthi militia to respond to efforts by UN envoy Martin Griffith to persuade them to withdraw from the city and the port of Hodeidah peacefully.

In a statement issued today, the government demanded the militia not to continue intransigence in their positions and to withdraw completely and immediately from the port and the province of Hodeidah and the delivery of heavy and medium weapons and missiles and land and sea mines.

In the statement broadcast by the official Yemeni news agency, the Yemeni government stated its determination to continue liberation of the province of Hodeidah and the entire Yemeni areas controlled by the militia, expressing satisfaction with the progress made by the Yemeni army backed by the Arab coalition forces.

The Yemeni government highly valued the current level of coordination with the Arab Alliance to support legitimacy in Yemen at various political, military and humanitarian levels.

Source: Saudi Press Agency