Yemen Scholars Association Spokesman praises KSA’s humanitarian, political and military efforts in Yemen

Aden, The official spokesman of Yemen Scholars Association, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hazmi, has described the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's continuing support for Yemen as an expression of a strategic relationship between Yemen and the Kingdom, praising the Kingdom's humanitarian, political or military efforts in the framework of the Coalition for Supporting the Legitimacy in Yemen.

He said in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), ''The continuing support of the Kingdom, whether through the leadership of the coalition aimed at restoring the legitimacy for the Yemeni people kidnapped by the Iranian project, or support and grants through King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center, and the latest grant of oil derivatives is a clear indication that the Kingdom's leadership is looking at the relationship between the two countries from the view of Sharia, that we are one nation affected by each other''.

Source: Saudi Press Agency