Web Summit: Terminus Group introduces the first AI CITY to global audience

BEIJING, Dec. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Web Summit held its conference online this year in December. As Forbes cites, it is “the best technology conference on the planet,” and is making global impact on future tech and business ecosystem.

Victor Ai, the founder and CEO of Terminus Group – a world-leading AIoT and smart services provider – was a featured speaker at a fireside chat on the topic of Building AI cities at Web Summit. Within a span of 3 days, Web Summit invited more than 800 world-top tech speakers, generating nearly 100 hours of continuous discussions, interviews and keynotes.

As the only AI entrepreneur invited from Asia, Victor Ai shared his view on how AI will enhance people’s life, and how this momentum can translate into empowering cities around the globe via AI CITY. He shared his personal stories and reflections as to why he believes it’s now the time for the digital economy to become a vital part of the social fabric.

During the speech, Victor Ai mostly focused on how the AI CITY project leverages the potential of people, nature and society as a whole, and how it can improve our future life. “It’s going to be a very exciting experience for the residents of those cities, the city’s governing institutions, and last but not least – for the business, as they will be enabled and adapt to the digital transformation,” Victor Ai said.

Victor Ai also highlighted the user experience in AI CITY. Whilst the idea of a “smart city” has been mentioned many times due to its relevance to 5G and AI technologies, the idea of the AI CITY begs further explanation. “By integrating the smart hardware and Terminus’ digital ecosystem, our future city-level operating system (TACOS) will work just like Apple’s iOS, it will connect everybody, every app, and the entire data analysis system together.”

Technology is a major driving force and a decisive factor, where the world is heading in the foreseeable future. This year’s pandemic accelerated the global innovation and digitization, which can help keep business sustainable. As Victor Ai said, the digital transformation emerges as a result of rapid technological progress, and it is the starting point for building a better future.