URGENT .. The Popular Mobilization confirmed that the missile force that bombed its fighters is American

BAGHDAD, The Director of the popular mobilization operations Abu Montazer al-Husseini said that the missile force that hit one of the most important sites of our fighters in Al-Qaim district on the Iraqi-Syrian border a few days ago is American.

Al-Husseini said in a press conference to announce the preliminary results of investigations into the incident of the American bombing of the popular mobilization according to a statement of the website of the popular crowd that "the forces of the popular crowd in that area were with the knowledge of the joint operations and the Commander of Operations of the Island and the Desert Major General Qasim Al-Mohammadi," noting that " Al-Mohammadi informed the joint operations by the mistake that the forces were located 1500 meters from the border because of the wrong information made by one of the two Commanders, but did not return to correct the information.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency