UAE Company Will Start Building 70 Thousand Housing Units In Al-Rashid Camp

Baghdad, The head of the National Investment Authority Sami Araji announced the start to invest Al-Rashid camp in a move aimed at resolving the housing crisis in Baghdad.

"A UAE company will soon begin building 70,000 housing units on the land of the Rashid camp after reaching an agreement with it, which provides for constructing 60,000 housing units as vertical buildings in different design, while 10,000 housing units will be built horizontally," he said.

"40 per cent of the units are available for citizens and employees with limited incomes, while 60 per cent will be in line with their aspirations for housing and their tendency for modern design and design," he said.

"The project will include commercial, recreational and educational services, and will suit all classes of low and middle income."

The Council of Ministers, voted on 20 of last February to invest the land of the Rashid camp, "previously" to implement the project of the city of Rashid province of Baghdad.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency