UAE ambassador congratulates Lebanon on Army Day

The United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Lebanon, Hamad Saeed al-Shamsi, congratulated the Lebanese on the Army Day, and relayed UAE leadership's congratulations to President Michel Aoun, Speaker Nabih Berri, Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri and Army Commander Joseph Aoun.

Ambassador Shamsi attended on Wednesday the army day celebration at the Military Academy in Fayyadieh, which included the graduation of army cadets who concluded the "Fajr Jouroud" training program and the presentation of ceremonial sabers upon graduating army officers.

"It is a dear national occasion to us as to all the Lebanese.. It is also an occasion to hail the role of the army in preserving Lebanon and its security and stability," the UAE Ambassador maintained.

Shamsi renewed UAE's permanent stand by the military institution as the 'sole legitimate authority to defend Lebanon."

The Ambassador noted that the UAE's unwavering support for the army and the Lebanese security forces had been translated in its recent $200 million dollar donation at the Cedar Conference. He announced that this donation shall be activated in the wake of the government formation and in line with the CEDRE conference provisions and donor countries' pledges.

Shamsi concluded by hoping that the government will be formed as soon as possible to assume its responsibilities in putting Lebanon on the path of economic prosperity through benefiting from the Cedar Conference outcome and donor countries' pledges.

Source: National News Agency