The Head Of The UN Investigation Team For Prosecuting Daesh Crimes Starts His Duties In Iraq

Baghdad, The UN said that its special adviser, the head of the investigation team on held accountable for the crimes of Daesh organization has carried out his duties in Iraq.

A statement issued by the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) said on Monday that the Special Adviser, the head of the investigation team to be held accountable for the crimes of Daesh, Karim Asaad Ahmed Khan began his duties in Iraq on Monday and his visit lasts eight days," noting that "the UN official was appointed under Security Council resolution / 2379/2017 ".

"During the visit, the UN official will take the opportunity to meet with the Prime Minister's Office and other senior officials in the country to initiate the necessary dialogue and cooperation to complete the investigation team's mandate and related terms of reference," the statement said.

The Special Adviser will also work with other concerned parties in order to gain a detailed understanding of the context in which the investigation team will work, including the group of victims and survivors from different communities. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency