The Arab Council in Kirkuk calls on UNAMI to support the return of the inhabitants of the destroyed villages

Kirkuk, The Arab Council in Kirkuk called on UNAMI mission in Iraq to intervene urgently to ensure the return of residents of villages destroyed by some Peshmerga leaders.

In a statement, the Council renewed its call for the government to restructure the Office of the Kirkuk Elections Commission and to provide guarantees to us to participate in the provincial council elections and avoid repeating the mistake that occurred in the elections of the Council of Representatives.

The Council called on the MPs who won in the elections from the list of the Arab Alliance to work on restructuring the Kirkuk office of the Electoral Commission and the removal of corrupt and forgers who have been recorded violations of their rights.

He called on the central government and the Independent High Electoral Commission to implement paragraph 1 of Article 35 of the provincial elections law and direct the relevant Ministries to expedite their procedures before the elections of the provincial council.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency