Symposium on Investing Artificial Intelligence for Developing Educational Systems Held

Riyadh, The Arab Bureau of Education for Gulf States (ABEGS) and Regional Center for Educational Planning held a symposium titled “Investing Artificial Intelligence in Developing Educational Systems.”

The symposium, held via Zoom application, discussed the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in enhancing educational outcomes and using it in supporting educational environments and the challenges facing the implementation of AI policies, in addition to reviewing the experiments of some countries in the field.

ABEGS Director General Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Asmi referred to what the world is witnessing through massive employment of innovations of the fourth industrial revolution (AI), which found itself a spot in the heart of works of companies and institutions and all industrial, economic, media, communications fields and all aspects of life, expecting employing AI technologies in educational fields to enhance education and learning, support learning environments, meet the needs of students, administrate educational contents, enhance teacher-student interaction and conduct assessment based on data and information that can increase the level of credibility and stability.

He added that the Bureau is following up the current impacts of AI on education and is pinning hopes to resulting in real and qualitative change in the field of adopting AI technologies in education, where machines will simulate the cognitive functions of man, such as learning, planning, risk prediction, offering preemptive solutions and processing big data faster than man.

In response to this trend, the Bureau has presented a comprehensive project at the level of GCC under the name “the Gulf Observatory for AI in Education” to monitor experiments and practices related to employing AI in education at the regional and international levels, Al-Asmi noted

Source: Saudi Press Agency