Suleiman Historical Mosque in Taif Opens Its Doors After Renovation

Taif, Suleiman Historical Mosque is located in eastern Taif Governorate, Makkah Region, and is considered one of the most prominent mosques in the region that dates back 300 years ago and is known in the city as the Waqf Mosque in a gesture to Prophet Muhammad's passing by this place. The mosque is characterized by being part of the Prince Mohammad bin Salman Project for Historical Mosques Renovation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where prayer has been resumed in the mosque since last Rajab.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) met with imam of the mosque Abdullah bin Mohammad Al-Zubaidi who said that the historical importance of the mosque is attributed to having several narratives that say that Prophet Muhammad made his companions to stop at the mosque place while he returned from visiting his uncles of Bani Saad and told them that prophets Suleiman bin Dawood have camped in the place. The mosque was named Suleiman based on this narrative.

Sheikh Al-Zubaidi added that the mosque is composed of a mihrab and entrance with two columns of rock in the center and can accommodate three lines (30 worshippers) and 15 others at the external yard. Next to the main building is the women prayer area and four bathrooms, in addition to speakers, safety equipment and fire extinguishers and AC devices, adding that it has been noticed recently that some tourist groups visit the place.

The mosque was a scholarly beacon for the residents of the area, where the mosque used to have a school for students to learn the Holy Quran. The mosque was renovated in 1372 AH on the expense of residents of the area.

The mosque is located in Wadi Nakhb and is 1.5 kilometers away from the Hassan bin Thabet Road connecting between Taif and Baha, and is characterized by a distinguished architectural pattern for being built with local construction items with the use of cut rocks that were made of clay, where its ceiling was made of tree trunks covered with palm leaves. The total area of the mosque is 390 square meters and can accommodate 36 worshippers and is composed of the prayer area, room for the imam, a private section, in addition to a well, an entrance from the northern side and a five-meter minaret.

Following the current renovation of the Suleiman Historical Mosque, it includes a prayer area, a prayer area for women, yard, bathrooms, places of ablution for men and women and now can accommodate 70 worshippers.

Source: Saudi Press Agency