Siniora meets Bukhari: Saudi Arabia stands by Lebanon in face of dangers and greedines

Former Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora, on Thursday welcomed at his Bliss office Saudi Minister Plenipotentiary Charge d'Affaire, Walid Bukhari.

The visit was a chance to tackle the bilateral relations between the two countries and a wide range of issues under discussion.

Siniora stressed during the meeting the depth of the longstanding historical brotherly Lebanese-Saudi relations, embracing the common interests between the two countries, as per a statement by Siniora's Media Office.

The former Prime Minister also underlined the Kingdom's longstanding support to Lebanon's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of all dangers and greediness.

Siniora also indicated that Saudi Arabia had been keen to stand by Lebanon in extending its sovereignty over all of its national territories.

Talks also reportedly dwelt on the issue of visas provided by the Kingdom to the Lebanese in order to perform the rituals of the blessed pilgrimage, statement said.

Siniora said that the Muslims in Lebanon are grateful for the Saudi authorities and the Saudi Embassy for their exceptional efforts to help the pilgrims of Lebanon realize and perform the blessed Hajj pilgrimage.

Siniora also highlighted the important role undertaken by the Kingdom in Lebanon and the region in the face of "suspicious expansion plots.

Source: National News Agency