SIDF Releases its First Intelligence ESG Report “Enabling Sustainable Industrial Growth in Saudi Arabia”

Riyadh– The Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) has released its first Intelligence ESG report, entitled: “Enabling Sustainable Industrial Growth in Saudi Arabia”. The report focused on SIDF’s and examples of its clients’ efforts and practices to wisely address environmental sustainability, social impact, and corporate governance in a way that results in positive outcomes for the Kingdom’s industrial, mining, energy, and logistics sectors in the future.

The report began by listing environmental sustainability matters, including climate change, optimal use of energy, and water resources, revealing SIDF’s commitment from its inception until now.

According to the report, SIDF’s internal and external policies enhance Saudi society’s capabilities by promoting social impact and creating new job opportunities aligned with national goals.

In addition to reviewing SIDF corporate governance policy, the report also reviewed governance and risk management principles that ensure sustainable growth at SIDF and other targeted sectors.

In issuing its report, SIDF aims to set strong values for sustainable development and the objective is to meet the needs of the key local industry players and Saudi society.

A noteworthy point of interest is that SIDF participated in the Sustainability Council, established by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, in 2021. The council provides a cooperative platform for discussing sustainability issues that positively impact the industrial sectors and the local community at large.

All those interested in the industrial sector are invited to view the report on the SIDF website (



Source: Saudi Press Agency


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