Security Forces Kill 2 Terrorists Hours After The Death Of An Officer In Nineveh Police

BAGHDAD, The security forces killed two terrorists hours after the death of a police officer in Nineveh while dismantling an explosive device in the left side of Mosul.

"A few hours after the martyrdom of Maj. Ahmed Mahmoud (explosives expert) in the Nineveh police headquarters, during the dismantling of an explosive device planted by Daesh organization in Quds (Jerusalem) neighborhood in the left side of the city of Mosul, the Falcon Intelligence Unit punished a group that planted the IED, and killed the terrorist Mahmoud Hamed (Abu Isra), who has an administrative position and distributing IEDs in Daesh organization, and Karrar Muhannad, who is responsible for planting and distributing the IEDs in the city of Mosul, including the IED that killed the officer.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency