SCW Secretary-General visits Gender Balance Centre in Riyadh

Riyadh, Supreme Council for Women (SCW) Secretary-General Hala Al Ansari visited the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) Gender Balance Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

She was received by centre director-general Sarra bint Jaza Al Otaibi. Al Ansari is leading a SCW delegation on a visit to Riyadh to start transferring Bahrain’s gender balance approach to Saudi Arabia.

Al Ansari and Al Otaibi and other officials toured different section of the institute, including the training halls, labs, digital library and historical documents.

She was briefed about the IPA programmes, courses and services aimed to build competences and hone the skills of administrative leaders, in addition to providing consultancies, studies and initiatives.

In a statement on this occasion, Al Ansari commended the role of the institute in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, stressing the establishment of the Gender Balance Centre to engage Saudi women and increase the level of their inclusion in public affairs and the labour market.

Source: Bahrain News Agency