Saudi National Center for Performance Measurement ”Adaa” Launches a New Mobile Application to Measure Beneficiaries’ Satisfaction on Public Services

Riyadh, Driven by its mandate of measuring the performance of Saudi public entities towards achieving Vision 2030 objectives, the National Center for Performance Measurement ''Adaa'' launched its user-centric beneficiary experience measurement tool, Watani Application.

Watani enables citizens, residents and visitors to evaluate public services provided by most of the public sectors. It provides users the access to evaluate any given service against readiness, speed and quality. The launch of the application is a major addition to Adaa's measuring tools that are designed to employ several methodologies to capture beneficiaries' experience and satisfaction.

One of Watani's features is offering users the access to view the highest rated centers and other beneficiaries' reviews filtered by service center and service. It also offers users an open space to share ideas and suggestions for further development, Husameddin AlMadani, Adaa Director General said.

On the value that Watani will bring to the overall performance measurement processes of Adaa, AlMadani added, The application will work as a data collection tool that will feed into the measuring process that we have implemented to measure beneficiaries experience and satisfaction. Access to this type of data will help us amplify the voice of communities to improve public performance.

Adaa implements its mandate by socializing performance measurement tools. Hence, Watani Application promotes the culture of performance measurement that will transform all beneficiaries into contributors towards achieving the Saudi Vision 2030.

About Adaa

Adaa, is a leading independent government body established in October 2015 to measure the performance of Saudi public entities towards achieving Vision 2030 objectives for greater transparency and accountability.

Adaa also tracks progress towards the socio economic development goals set for Vision 2030, using its data benchmarking tool, The International Performance Hub (IPH).

Source: Saudi Press Agency