Saudi Contributions to Indonesia Development

Riyadh-- Since 1976, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) has contributed to strengthening the pillars of sustainable development in its various fields and forms in the Republic of Indonesia.

This comes within the Kingdom's interest in supporting Indonesia and strengthening the close relations between the two fraternal countries.

The Kingdom has also funded, through SFD, Indonesian (12) development projects and programs in the sectors of transport, communications, agriculture, infrastructure, ports, health and education, with a total amount of more than (401.6) million dollars, and these projects and programs contribute to social growth and economic prosperity to support the fraternal government and people of Indonesia.

The Kingdom has a long historical record in the development field through SFD, which is considered an arm in international development, to support multiple sectors in various humanitarian and development fields, in addition to partnership with international organizations.

The SDF has worked to support developing countries by creating various opportunities that contribute to enhancing the economic and social growth of many societies. The development projects and programs funded by the Fund in vital sectors contributed to improving living conditions and providing job opportunities for millions of people.

The Fund has also supported local content by encouraging many Saudi companies and consultants to implement international development projects funded by the Fund in different countries.

The Kingdom's cumulative development activity, through the Saudi Fund for Development, since its establishment and over a period of more than 48 years, has achieved more than (697) development projects and programs in 84 developing countries around the world, and these projects and programs have contributed to achieving stability and prosperity in developing countries with the Kingdom's goals of achieving prosperity and providing development support to the least developed countries.

Source: Saudi Press Agency