Saudi Arabia, Morocco sign MOU to enhance cooperation in tourism

Marrakesh– Saudi Arabia and Morocco signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) today aimed at encouraging and developing cooperation in tourism and coordinating efforts to achieve sustainable development of the tourism industry in both countries. The MOU was signed in the presence of the Minister of Tourism, Ahmed Al-Khateeb, and the Moroccan Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts, Social and Solidarity Economy, Fatima-Zahra Ammor, on the sidelines of the 117th session of the Executive Council meeting of the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Al-Khateeb said: “Saudi Arabia and Morocco enjoy a common commitment to protecting the rich heritage sites and natural marine, mountainous and desert areas in both countries, in addition to their keenness to give priority to the youth in their development plans. The issue of sustainability occupies an important place in Saudi tourism ambitions, so cooperation with partners who have a similar vision, like Morocco, helps to strengthen the sector in our region and the world as a whole, and contributes to consolidating the sustainability, flexibility, and inclusiveness of the tourism sector for the benefit of people and societies”.

Moroccan Minister of Tourism said: "The MOU reflects the strong relations between the two countries and the common vision towards strengthening partnership and raising prospects for cooperation in the tourism sector. It will lead to more joint initiatives and the exchange of experiences and best practices, allowing the two countries to develop their capabilities in tourism."

Both countries are aware of the potential of the tourism sector and its ability to contribute to developing the local economy, providing job opportunities, and empowering communities. The MOU will also support efforts to achieve sustainable tourism, increase training and knowledge-sharing opportunities, and provide new opportunities for tourism investments.

Saudi Arabia is currently one of Morocco's largest trading partners in the Arab world, and in 2020 the Kingdom pumped $26.6 million in the form of investments in the real estate, tourism, and agricultural sectors in Morocco. The MOU will provide more tourism investment opportunities in both countries and allow training sessions and the exchange of experiences.

Source: Saudi Press Agency