Sarraf: To stop disseminating bad news about economic situation

Caretaker Minister of National Defense, Yacoub Sarraf, stressed on Friday the pressing need to stop disseminating exaggerated news about the negative economic situation in the country.

"Everyone must think positively and be confident that Lebanon will rise," the Minister said in a statement.

He called for halting the flurry of exaggeration that some are resorting to for the sake of reaching their personal and political interests.

"Let's think logically and place the benefit of our country on top of all other expectations and personal interests," the statement added.

Sarraf also rejected having Lebanon endure the repercussions of regional conflicts, and stressed the need to cleave to its stability.

"We have to solve the problem of immigration. The international community must help Lebanon complete the demarcation of its borders and to pressure the Israeli enemy to stop them from violating Lebanon's sovereignty," the Minister maintained.

He finally expressed attachment to the President's projects, particularly concerning combating corruption and fraud.

"This will help attract projects and investments, as well as raise Lebanon's confidence," the Minister of Defense concluded.

Source: National News Agency