Saudi Minister of Commerce, Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, received today Caretaker Minister of Economy and Trade, Amin Salam, where talks touched on the future of bilateral relations, particularly in terms of trade and investment between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Salam disclosed that discussions also touched on 'reactivating commercial activity between the Kingdom and Lebanon, especially import and export, in a bilateral trade initiative that not only restores trade exchange to its previous state, but also aspires to strengthen and develop it and expand in new sectors that keep pace with economic developments in various fields, most importantly in technology, transformative, food and pharmaceutical industries, as part of the initiative of the Ministry of Economy and Trade, entitled 'The New Identity of the National Economy - Innovation and Knowledge Economy", which will constitute a quantum leap for Lebanon's economy, trade and investment.' Following a series of meetings with the relevant ministers, Salam strongly affirmed that 'the Kingdom is making every effort to help Lebanon, provided that it adheres to what it promised, in terms of exerting efforts to limit the smuggling of narcotic substances into the Kingdom, accomplishing the required reforms, and enhancing confidence in the Lebanese economy.' He added: 'We agreed to open direct channels of communication with those concerned to complete this file quickly.' Salam continued to indicate that in wake of his positive meetings with all the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, he will provide documentation of all the problems faced by Lebanese exporters and importers to help them facilitate their affairs. He noted that the headline for the next stage in our Arab world is 'Zero Conflicts and an Economic Development Revolution" to consolidate the concept of Arab integration among all Arab countries and openness to global and regional markets. "There is a great and rare opportunity for Lebanon, steadfast and beautiful, not to be Paris or the Switzerland of the East, but rather for Lebanon of the East to be the coast of the Arabs on the Mediterranean Sea, the land of cedars, springs and the four seasons," Salam assured. For his part, Al-Qasabi welcomed Minister Salam's proposals and "the positivity that he conveyed to the officials in the Kingdom, out of his belief that the history and relations that bind the two countries will not solely return to their former state, but rather will witness greater prosperity and closer cooperation."

Source: National News Agency - Lebanon


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