Sadraid Heritage Mosque in Asir Region is Ready for Performing Prayers after Renovation

Abha, Sadraid Heritage Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the Asir region in the south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it was established in 170 AH in the center of the ancient town of Sadraid, north of Al-Namas Governorate.

The mosque has undergone a complete renovation as part of Prince Mohammed bin Salman Project for Historical Mosques Renovation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under which 30 mosques in 10 regions will be restored and rehabilitated.

The history of the construction of the Sadraid Heritage Mosque goes back to 170 AH during the reign of Caliph Harun Al-Rashid. The mosque contains an inscription at the top of the mihrab dated in the month of Rabi Al-Akhir in the year 170 AH, written by Mohammad bin Abdulrahman.

The mosque is attributed to the village of Sadraid, whose name goes back to “Sadr Wadi aid".

The Mosque has an area of about 138 square meters and accommodates up to 46 worshipers.

Source: Saudi Press Agency